pink illustration whales girl 3D

Who are we?

Lohagoods is a brand of art goods and design studio based in Bandung, Indonesia.

Founded by Virliana Dieniar, an illustrator and designer who loves to tell stories through fantasy-filled illustrations. Inspired by reveries, life experiences, spaces, pieces of music, and her writings, the illustrations defined with firm lines, also bold and blocky colors. Lohagoods is a brand to share her artworks and a platform to collaborate in the fields of art and design.

Lohagoods sells apparel and non-apparel products combined with illustrations. Not only that, but Lohagoods also sells collaborative products with other creative friends such as stitched notebooks, greeting cards from recycled paper, even natural handmade soap which of course have been given a touch of art and design with our distinctive character.

Lohagoods opened commission work for those who need illustrationgraphic design, and other visual designs such as logo, poster, music artwork, portrait, animation, livery design, proposal design, etc. We also provide music design services for advertisements and more. If you need these services and are interested in our concept and character, we will be very flexible and will adjust to your needs. You can contact us for any inquiries. We are also open to collaborating with fellow creatives.

The Beginning

“At first, I was not someone who liked to draw. I loved to write poetry and prose when I was still an architecture student. I have written over a hundred of them. I write to express myself and understand myself better. Then, I started visualizing some of my poems with illustrations. Since then, I have become addicted to drawing. After I created several artworks, I thought it would be good if I shared the results of my pleasure with others and live with it. For me, Lohagoods is a full mystery adventure that provides many experiences and lessons that I never knew before.” – Dieniar, Founder of Lohagoods

Behind the Name

“It was the first time I try to sell my product to a library shop in my city. At that time, I didn’t have a brand, whereas I wanted to put my stickers for sale the next day. After thinking about it for just one night, I finally decided to give my brand an ethnic-catchy name that I took from one of my illustration titles called Lohacumbaka (magnet in Hindi). A few months ago at one of the exhibitions that we attended, there was a visitor from India. She immediately knew that Lohacumbaka means magnet and told me that Loha means island in Hindi (I don’t know if it’s right or not). I hope Loha can be a welcoming island of inspiration, a destination for people to be happy. After I reviewed for several months, so many people attracted by the name but some people are often asking how to pronounce the name. Therefore, I shortened it to Loha to make it easier to mention. I think Loha isn’t far from the word Halo (hello). Psychologically, Loha might sound friendly like Hello and dynamic like Low-High. Then, I add the word Goods to let people know that we have goods to sell. So, I decided to change the name to Lohagoods.” -Dieniar, Founder of Lohagoods