This is an illustration I created for one of my unreleased songs. Here are the lyrics:


We have never felt so sure that the red light will turn soon

We just gotta believe it sometimes

We never know when the rainbow will cross the sky

A little hope won’t give us no harm


You were the ghost in those lonely nights

You’re in my house, now I can feel the light

We’re dancing to my records melodies

On my blue carpet, we keep our fantasy


Don’t stop dancing with me

Hold me in your arms

Close your eyes, I can sing for you now


I won’t stare in my soulless direction no more

Like the wind beneath the ceiling that swept the feeling

Your smile’s enough to erase the mist inside me

Will you stay for a moment? I’ll let you fly in the morning


How love is so simple in my dream

Like the moon on the ocean that sleeps

How love is so simple in my dream

Like a light bird feather fly in the wind